Thursday, June 2, 2011

Los geysers

That's pronounced gay-sers, as in a gay geezer, which I'm fast becoming. This was a rough trip. Up at 4 am, then 2 hours on a bumpy dirt road, and well below freezing when we arrived, though we did get to climb into one of the steam baths for 15 minutes. It was also a larger group than yesterday and reminded me how much I dislike tours. I think here and there they are necessary...I could have never gotten to these places on my own...and they do provide good Spanish practice. But I always feel a bit trapped, and nature to me is about solitude.

middle-aged hominid spotted near hot springs

Below is a wetlands with some ducks

vicuna below, surrounded by volcanoes....we're at about 14k feet here

Andean village:  note crucifixes on each roof for spiritual protection, and the little protector spirit statue. There was the cutest little 5 yr old girl here and I asked her Mom if I could photograph as I know they don't necessarily think its good....sort of like stealing someone's spirit. She nodded NO vigorously. Adios, Elizabet, que tenga buena vida!

Llamas! And I don't mean Tibetans

Our tour group, deep in the cactus canyon:  on either side of me are the Dutch tulip farmer (yellow hair) and a nice Chilean guy who I practiced my Spanish with. My Brit friend Eric is in sunglasses next to Dutchman.
I'm off to Salta, Argentina in the morning.

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  1. Hey Treb, reading your blog. Pretty awesome stuff. I'm sure you're having a great time.