Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lomito de pollo!

The best sandwich in south america is Vivian and Roxana's lomito de pollo...its the garlic....
We met this lovely young chap, Jaffar in Butterfly this weekend. When I said hello to him, he said "I speak English." He's totally bilingual, lives in Louisville, Kentucky and here in Cordoba with his Mom who is from here. Dad is from Jordan. Trippy, the lives of these intl. kids. Jaffar was one of the smartest and most awake kids I've ever met. At 7, he's basically like a 20-yr-old

The oft-seen Fiat 600. Fede had one back in Salta.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help which is connected to a Salesian School and had a big bookshop where I found some great new Marys to add to my collection. I love these Marys because they're exactly like the Buddhist tradition..they are representations of certain qualities or archetypes...there can be an infinite number of Marys or Buddhas and none of them are literal...they are mind states

Top, left to right: Nuestra Senora del Valle (not sure of her origin, but there's a big shrine in Catamarca, Arg and I see her shrines in mercados all the time); La Virgen del Rocio (not sure of her connection, if any, to Arg, but the image is noteworthy for its abstraction, quite unique....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_of_El_Roc%C3%ADo); Nuestra Senora de la Merced, who is the patroness of the Army... San Martin carried her standard as he drove the Spanish from Arg, Peru and Chile...note the Arg flag colors she's decked out in)
Bottom left is the patroness of the Air force, Nuestra Senora de Loreto.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuestra_Senora_de_Loreto...and I just love that plane behind her...very 1930s..I guess if you updated her, she'd need an F-15 or MIG behind her, or maybe a drone or stealth bomber? Bottom right is the Virgen de Huachana, very indio, she appeared to a girl in Santiago Del Estero, one of Arg's oldest cities, just north of here.

The lady at the store was pulling out drawers of these cards for me, the typically warm and friendly Argentine, who eventually asked me...do you like mate? Of course, I answered, thinking she was going to share her cup with me. But she returned with this Don Bosco mate which the Salesians make themselves, and it's totally organic! I asked her how much and she laughed...its a gift, silly. How sweet.

A stroll along the rio 

Some more good tango...cd by this lady found in my current apartment....
Just as I was gloating on eternal summer, it rained all day here yesterday and I was finally forced to buy an umbrella on the street. Had thought I could squeak through without one....one more bulky item to add to the maxed out mochila! (backpack)

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