Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cristina, Cristina Everywhere

Well, the election is in full swing and Cristina's mug is everywhere, and one can' t help but start to crack jokes about anyone who is so ubiquitous you half expect to wake up next to her in the morning. 

Here Ezequiel tries to determine what Cristina is looking at...a dead tree it turns out. This is the saintly picture---looking up into the heavens--put out by Movimiento Evita org, a student group.

All things Evita...a suburb shaped like her profile

More soon...I've got a horrible cold/flu thing, so am moving a bit slow at the moment (I can only hope this will immunize me against the flu this coming winter in the northern hemisphere as it will likely be the same one.)

We went out to Lujan, which is a Lourdes-like place and shrine to Our Lady of Lujan. 
Sitting in the middle of a plain, it's quite impressive to approach as you can see it for miles. The whole thing is very middle ages, with dogs sleeping and walking around in the church, baby's getting blest, a very funny and friendly priest dousing us with holy water. 
I got myself a 'Gauchito Gil' t-shirt. Gaucho Gil is not an 'approved saint' but a folk saint, which is what I find interesting about him. He's kind of a Robinhood folk saint and represents the hard lives of gauchos, who unlike cowboys in the states, sort of went native and were often abused by the army that conscripted them against their will.
His shrines are often found along highways

I love these old derelict buildings with plants growing on the roof

Art in Palermo

Enrique LarraƱaga

Antonio Berni

Benito Quinquela Martin, who painted the port in the Boca barrio where he grew up. He was an orphan, found on a doorstep with a note, saying 'this kid's been baptised' and he made his own coffin, with one of his paintings on it :) 

A modern version of the parting of the Red Sea on a wall in Palermo. It's zero degrees centigrade, I'm going to bed.

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