Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Planets, Pisco and Poets

Spent a great last day in La Serena with a wonderful Finnish woman, Kati....we went to the observatory and saw Sauturn and the Magellanic cloud and a bunch of other things through their high-powered telescopes:
(this area has many observatories as its the best place on earth to view the stars due to lack of light pollution and the most clear days as Chile's Atacama desert is the driest on earth).

I also visited the Gabriela Mistral museum, Chile's first Nobel laureate for literature, who was born here.

It reads...."a fountain for my mother"...wish I'd been here on Mother's Day. Well, a tad late, but here's a fountain of sweet water for you Mom!

a copy of the Nobel medal for Lit. with muse and lyre

lots of big pepper trees here

I stayed up the street here where the bougainvillea spills over the wall

Every street is just peaceful and poetic

I like the apple and the spoon

In the church...I've never seen this arrangement before...Mary is not visible from the center of the church, she is behind Jesus and can only be seen from the side....

Correction from last post:  Vicuna was not named for the animal but for its founder, who may or may not have named the animal....

The Elqui River, moving on, just like me...off to San Pedro de Atacama.

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