Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Queer Bookstore in South America

I stumbled upon this store in Palermo, Buenos Aires and was delighted to find it is the first queer bookstore in South America. I talked with the proprietor and he asked about gay bookstores in the US and I had to explain that there are very few left, and we got into a conversation about how amazon has taken over book sales in the US. Buenos Aires is full of bookstores, almost as many as cafes...well not quite. But it's amazing to see 3 or 4 in just a couple blocks. People read here, or at least the older generation...I'm not so sure about the younger..they are generally enchanted by the world techno culture and have little time or interest to read it seems. Globalism is a big topic with all sorts of good and bad aspects, but it's creating a boring Brave New World. We also talked about the amazing Pedro Lemebel (author of My Tender Matador, his only work to be translated into English. He's as huge as he should be in South America, but generally unknown outside the Spanish speaking world. Perhaps a small seed of a longterm goal if I can really perfect my Spanish someday:  translate the rest of his work. It's unique, wonderful, spirited, political, funny...pretty much everything great lit seeks to be. If you can read Spanish, here is his blog ....or you can google translate, but google translate offers some bizarre, albeit poetic, interpretations, technology being limited as it is..http://lemebel.blogspot.com/

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